Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandmas

Musing #8
Box #8G
When I was little I lived near my Grandma McClellan - my Dad's Mom - I spent a lot of time there.
She had long hair that touched her ankles which she always wore up in a tidy bun held in place with one of those large tortoise shell hair pins.
Sometimes she would undo her bun and let me brush her hair. I would bring a little stool over - step up and start at the top of her hair and brush all the way down, stepping off the stool to reach the ends of her hair. Then I would get back on the stool and repeat this process over and over again. (my Grandma was very patient)
Her hair was a wonderful white color; the last five or six inches turning a pale yellow.
I wanted my hair to be the same color when I grew up.
My children all have beautiful brunette hair, all five of them. I also grew up a brunette.
When I reached about thirty years old things started to change....first a few grays, then a lot of grays. I could cover them nicely with a brunette hair color. But then I started having white hairs; hairs that would not take the dark color. After experimenting with different shades of dark brown, light brown, and ash blonde, (the last ash blonde color I tried tinted my hair a lovely green , which I did not realize until I was sitting in a sunny spot at church) I moved on to different shades of golden blonde.
I mention my Grandmother because I got my wish. My hair is now white with blonde ends.
One Summer I decided to let it grow out. I was visiting relatives with my Mom and a clerk at the store asked if we were sisters. I decided than I was not ready for a lovely white head of hair, and I am still not ready.... Sooooo....
Box #8G - Golden Blonde!
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