Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musing of a Chubby Grandma

A wise woman once said.....
"No one will be looking at you anyway"
I was trying to find something to wear to a wedding reception of one of my daughters - you know Mother of the Bride and all.
Actually I hope no one was looking - after much searching I ended up with a lovely iridescent green thing. I have since torn up every picture of the day that captured me from the neck down. I think of those words often...when I am wondering what to wear....
"No one is looking" is not the point.......
I was looking. I loved that green dress (I still have it statshed away). I felt good in that green dress. I had fun in that green dress.
So - the Point is...wear what you want, wear what you love, have a great time and have pictures taken only from the neck up .

1 comment:

  1. hey that dress was from my wedding... so you don't have any pictures to capture that day... I was your 3rd daughter to get married maybe it was just boring!
    but yes your right enjoy your life even if lets say your parents have a gigantic family picture on there wall in there living room for all to see that shows off you in a very tight pale blue shirt that shows 3 rolls and your tall non gaining in the stomach sisters looking perfect?

    yeah i learned not to wear that shirt again