Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musing of a Chubby Grandma

to consider at length; Ponder; meditate......

I have reached a few milestones this Month.
I turned 60 years old
My oldest of 5 children turned 39 - and -
My youngest of 5 children (my baby) had a baby

this has caused me to have many Musings about ..
1. Life happening no matter what
2. Why I still feel 25 years old no matter what
3. Why I am Chubby no matter what

I am sure many of you are at the same stage in life, or know someone who is.
After much "musing" I have decided to be Happy with who I am and just handle it.
Life is too short to let even a day pass you by!

Tomorrow I will start a daily blog of my ideas on how to make the most of
being a Chubby Grandma

until tomorrow


  1. You are so cute! Can hardly wait to see how you make the most of it. =)

  2. mom you crack me up... i love the title of your blog... but I think I have your chubby problem and I am only 31 but than again i will be ever so grateful to look at good as you do when I am 60