Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing # 9

"Must be Old Hat to You"

My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the third of March and of course I made a few visits to the hospital.
On one visit some friends were there too, (every time I went the room was full of visitors, hardly got a chance to hold the baby. really?) they asked how many grandchildren I had now; with the additon of Reagan. I answered this makes sixteen.
One friend replied "this must be old hat to you".
He had it all wrong - It is not old hat to me! It will never be old hat to me! Each time I welcome a new grandbaby into this world it is a unique and wonderful experience.
Some say "all babys look and act the same, you have to wait until they get older to see the differences".
This is not true. Every time I hold a new born baby I can feel who they are. I can see their spirit looking out of those little eyes. I can feel their personality in the wiggles of their little body.
As each child grows older I see glimpses of them as a new born. Their body is growing to fit their spirit, to fit who they have always been.
And so we now have MISS REAGAN!

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