Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

#11 I've still got it!

During the 2 years prior to having my last baby I taught Aerobics.
Some friends I knew had a little exercise place, they needed an instructor.
I applied, did the training, and got the job.
Aerobics were very popular then - like running is today.
More and more customers signed up. Those of us who worked there taught more and more
I was in such good shape! I even had a six pack or something like that. I don't think we counted them back then.
I could take my kids to work with me (we had a great babysitter), I could eat anything I wanted. I loved that job! But the doctor made me quit teaching when I was 6 months pregnant - he said I was too old (34) and to far along.
I have been blaming that OBGYN for my chubbiness these past 26 years - it is his fault!
Well I am quite a bit older now, but I've still got it - the six pack that is - it's just wrapped in bubble wrap!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing #10
Be Brave and go for it
I ran across this quote
"Creating takes courage.
Everything you create reveals a
little - or alot - about yourself.
Be brave and go for it." (no author listed)
As I get older I get a lot more courage, I care less about what others think of me, and
I become braver.
If I would have felt this way when I was younger (say 25 or so) think of how much more
I could have accomplished!
Well I feel brave now and really enjoy my creativity. I have always been a designer, but now
I am able to share with others. I am able to design and sell through Ransom.made design.
I am able to teach others how to be brave and create!
I"m just saying - don't wait until you are 60 to share your creativity!
Be brave and start now.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing # 9

"Must be Old Hat to You"

My daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the third of March and of course I made a few visits to the hospital.
On one visit some friends were there too, (every time I went the room was full of visitors, hardly got a chance to hold the baby. really?) they asked how many grandchildren I had now; with the additon of Reagan. I answered this makes sixteen.
One friend replied "this must be old hat to you".
He had it all wrong - It is not old hat to me! It will never be old hat to me! Each time I welcome a new grandbaby into this world it is a unique and wonderful experience.
Some say "all babys look and act the same, you have to wait until they get older to see the differences".
This is not true. Every time I hold a new born baby I can feel who they are. I can see their spirit looking out of those little eyes. I can feel their personality in the wiggles of their little body.
As each child grows older I see glimpses of them as a new born. Their body is growing to fit their spirit, to fit who they have always been.
And so we now have MISS REAGAN!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandmas

Musing #8
Box #8G
When I was little I lived near my Grandma McClellan - my Dad's Mom - I spent a lot of time there.
She had long hair that touched her ankles which she always wore up in a tidy bun held in place with one of those large tortoise shell hair pins.
Sometimes she would undo her bun and let me brush her hair. I would bring a little stool over - step up and start at the top of her hair and brush all the way down, stepping off the stool to reach the ends of her hair. Then I would get back on the stool and repeat this process over and over again. (my Grandma was very patient)
Her hair was a wonderful white color; the last five or six inches turning a pale yellow.
I wanted my hair to be the same color when I grew up.
My children all have beautiful brunette hair, all five of them. I also grew up a brunette.
When I reached about thirty years old things started to change....first a few grays, then a lot of grays. I could cover them nicely with a brunette hair color. But then I started having white hairs; hairs that would not take the dark color. After experimenting with different shades of dark brown, light brown, and ash blonde, (the last ash blonde color I tried tinted my hair a lovely green , which I did not realize until I was sitting in a sunny spot at church) I moved on to different shades of golden blonde.
I mention my Grandmother because I got my wish. My hair is now white with blonde ends.
One Summer I decided to let it grow out. I was visiting relatives with my Mom and a clerk at the store asked if we were sisters. I decided than I was not ready for a lovely white head of hair, and I am still not ready.... Sooooo....
Box #8G - Golden Blonde!
until tomorrow

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing #7
"Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction"
I saw this quote today, it caused me to think over the changes that have occured in my life and the different directions they have sent me and I realize it is so true.
As a young adult we can never imagine all the things our future has in store. We dream of the years to come and what we want to happen or what we think will happen but most of the time that dream is nothing like what really does happen.
I do not like change but change does happen - life happens!
I guess if we give ourselves over to the things that come through change and enjoy each new direction... we will better know ourselves and find joy in the journey!
until tomorrow

Monday, March 19, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

OnMusing #6
Today I am Musing about the 3 L's of old age.
There are a lot of things you can do to slow the loss of your youthful look.
There are a lot of suggestions and millions of products advertised. You can even get a "Life Lift" if you've the money. (I wonder - can they do that over and over again, and after a few years does the "Life Lift" fall?)
Anyway - I have boiled it down to 3 L's I live by.
One of the things I remember about my Mother (who is turning 84 next month) is watching her apply Cold Cream to her face. I assume she was removing her makeup (She fixed herself up every morning which included doing her hair and makeup) I seem to remember her applying cream or lotion before putting on her make up too, I bet she has the same routine today.
I have been applying creams and or lotions to my face; paying close attention to the wrinkles and my eye area since I was 16. Has it made a difference? I don't know. Do I have less wrinkles and puffiness than other women my age? I don't know. Does it make me feel better about myself? YES IT DOES!
I can only assume that is why my Mother does the same thing. She never wallows in self pity or depression just gets up, gets ready for the day (which includes making herself the best she can be) and gets on with it. She set a great example for me.
I have found out, over the years, that it does not matter how expensive or what brand name the lotion or cream is, (some of the cheap ones seem to work better) it just matters that you use it.
PS don't for get to put lotion on your chest - the part that shows when you wear a V neck. There is nothing worse that a wrinkley chest.
Words to live by - Lipstick makes everything better!
If you are feeling down, if you look like crap and someone is at the door,
If you are having your picture taken, and especially if you are going out (with the girls, or your favorite guy) etc. these are all times to grab your lipstick and apply.
Reds are the best but if Red is too much for you ....pinks and berry colors or even tinted gloss
with be alright. It only takes 2 seconds to apply lipstick.
Get ready for comments .... They may say things like....Where have you been? Are you going out? Are you wearing lipstick in the middle of the day? Wow your teeth look so white etc.
But that is ok. I live for comments like these. Lipstick does make everything better.
There have been soooo many studies done reagarding years being added to your life span due to great doses of laughter. They are right!
Laughter is the best medicine!
I suppose I should have mentioned Laughter as the first "L" or mentioned it between each of the others.
I believe in order to grow old gracefully (we will all get old, why not do it gracefully) we must
apply Lotion and Lipstick regularly and Laughter liberally - besides we might as well have all those wrinkles around our eyes and mouth go up instead of down right?
So think about it and call your favorite make up consultant today, then call your best friend and have a good laugh!
until tomorrow

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing #5

Today I am removing the wallpaper from my bedroom walls.
I cannot remember how long ago I put it up there - 10 or 15 years ago.
Designers say you should update your decor every 5 to 10 years.
Yeah right, sometimes it takes me a year to get rid of all the old Decor and 2 years to get the new Decor up.
If I do the 5 year plan - I am always in some state of change. I don't like change!
I love my wallpaper! But I am remodeling the bathroom and closet now so it is a perfect time to get out of the 90's.
I guess when I paint the walls with the lovely pale tourquise paint I have chosen in two different shade - (Laura Ashley Forest 2 & 3) I will feel better about the decor change.
I don't know though - I got a beautiful taupe colored bedspread and pillow shams to go with the new decorating plan. Everyone loves them but I think it makes the bed look like it is wrapped in a brown paper bag.
I love my wallpaper! - I will miss my wallpaper!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musing of a Chubby Grandma

I saw a six year old girl on the news the other day - she had just won a big spelling bee. She was asked about her preparation time for such an event. The reporter wondered if she had many friends - with her being so busy and all . The little girl said she hung with her friends a lot, and had friends of many ages, some as young as three years old and some as old as eight or nine.
I thought of my friends.
I can identify with this little girl. I have piano students I consider my friends that are her age. They understand me and ask about me - what I did today, what I like to do, how are my grandbabies etc. My best friend is 10 years younger that I - we have a blast doing just about anything together and she is always there when I need her. I have friends that are in their eighties - we keep in tough and we have great conversations! I have friends the age of my children who share the joy of crafting with me.
So what am I trying to say? This little girl reminded me...Friendship has no boundries. "A friend is a friend is a friend" (I think this is from a poem I knew when I was six year old). I have not limited myself - as some feel they need to do - to claiming only those who are my own age as friends.
Maybe feeling a lot younger than you really are is the answer ( I am stuck at 25 ) - or - Maybe reaching out to anyone who makes you feel good about yourself, or to anyone with whom you have something in common makes you feel young. I don't know - but I do know having friends of all ages does help me put a positive perspective on life - helps me get a grip!
I am truly blessed

until tomorrow

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musing of a Chubby Grandma

A wise woman once said.....
"No one will be looking at you anyway"
I was trying to find something to wear to a wedding reception of one of my daughters - you know Mother of the Bride and all.
Actually I hope no one was looking - after much searching I ended up with a lovely iridescent green thing. I have since torn up every picture of the day that captured me from the neck down. I think of those words often...when I am wondering what to wear....
"No one is looking" is not the point.......
I was looking. I loved that green dress (I still have it statshed away). I felt good in that green dress. I had fun in that green dress.
So - the Point is...wear what you want, wear what you love, have a great time and have pictures taken only from the neck up .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Over these past few years of being a Chubby Grandma; (actually the chubby part has been since my last baby was born almost 26 years ago - it is her fault - she turned my aerobic teaching body into a mess) I have come up with some general Do's and Don'ts that I live by...maybe you can relate These are listed randomly; just popping out of my brain

Some DO's........
1. Do Learn new things if you want to. Make a plan and start now.
Take a community class, take a College class, ask someone.
Most everyone is willing to share what they know.
2. Do Put people before things and work.....They may not be here
3. Do put your Children before things and work.....They grow
up and won't be here tomorrow
4. Do something for someone each day - you will forget about
any troubles you may have and feel better about yourself.
5. Do Discover your best assets and highlight them - ie small hips,
great hair, pretty feet etc. Ask your kids, or a friend - they will be honest with
you - your Husband will not
6. Find 2 or 3 lipstick colors you like (Mary Kay is great they
will take them back if you don't like them) Even if you have
no time for makeup a face looks better with lipstick and it
takes only 2 seconds to apply try it!
7. Do have a good cry regularly - put on a chick flick and no one will
know you're crying for therary.
8. Do find time for yourself each day even if it is only 5 minutes. You may
have to fake a stomach ache and lock yourself in the bathroom, but
do it.

Some DON'T......
1. Don't compare yourself to anyone younger than you; or older than you either
don't compare yourself to anyone (they are probably comparing themselves
to you) I know everyone compares but STOP IT RIGHT NOW
2. Don't look in any mirror more than 3-5 minutes at one time and don't look
at yourself in any store windows. We all know mirrors and windows at 10 lbs. right?
3. Don't stress out too much about things your kids do - they grow up; you grow old
and all you can remember is that you love them.
4. Don't feel sorry for yourself if something or someone is bothering you. Call a friend
have a good vent and all will be well! If your friends are busy - call me I am a good
5. Don't stay inside on a Sunny Day!

Just a few Musings you may enjoy
until tomorrow

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musing of a Chubby Grandma

to consider at length; Ponder; meditate......

I have reached a few milestones this Month.
I turned 60 years old
My oldest of 5 children turned 39 - and -
My youngest of 5 children (my baby) had a baby

this has caused me to have many Musings about ..
1. Life happening no matter what
2. Why I still feel 25 years old no matter what
3. Why I am Chubby no matter what

I am sure many of you are at the same stage in life, or know someone who is.
After much "musing" I have decided to be Happy with who I am and just handle it.
Life is too short to let even a day pass you by!

Tomorrow I will start a daily blog of my ideas on how to make the most of
being a Chubby Grandma

until tomorrow