Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuck at 25 - Musings of a Chubby Grandma

Musing #5

Today I am removing the wallpaper from my bedroom walls.
I cannot remember how long ago I put it up there - 10 or 15 years ago.
Designers say you should update your decor every 5 to 10 years.
Yeah right, sometimes it takes me a year to get rid of all the old Decor and 2 years to get the new Decor up.
If I do the 5 year plan - I am always in some state of change. I don't like change!
I love my wallpaper! But I am remodeling the bathroom and closet now so it is a perfect time to get out of the 90's.
I guess when I paint the walls with the lovely pale tourquise paint I have chosen in two different shade - (Laura Ashley Forest 2 & 3) I will feel better about the decor change.
I don't know though - I got a beautiful taupe colored bedspread and pillow shams to go with the new decorating plan. Everyone loves them but I think it makes the bed look like it is wrapped in a brown paper bag.
I love my wallpaper! - I will miss my wallpaper!

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  1. i think you should put up a awesome forest scene so that it makes your bedroom look like it's on a porch or something... than when little kids come to visit they can run into it... ha ha ha or hey paint it avacado green and build in awesome faux wood beams that give you slivers when you run your hand along it but put them on the wall to look like a coral! lol